How it works

Rent high-quality office furniture easily.

You can rent all furniture for up to 36 months. After that you just return the pieces. Or you purchase them via hire purchase. What that means? After the rental period is over you can buy the furniture. We incorporate that into your offer.


As soon as you have made a selection from the range on this website you receive an offer within 24 hours. And once you’ve made your final decision we deliver at short notice.

Uncomplicated and fast
Rent office furniture sets

You are looking for new furniture for your office or your workspace at home but you don’t have the time to compile the various pieces?

We have the perfect solution for you. In the following, you can find already well-assorted sets for your workplace.

Be it basic or high end, conference room, workspace or reception area, industrial, classic or rather Scandinavian style – you will find something here.

Should your workspace still be missing one piece you can easily and comfortably add that to your cart as an additional article.

We are always happy to help of course.  Just contact us.