Circular furniture

Circular, flexible, affordable

The circular economy within Rent.Group consists of three main phases: Development, use and reprocessing or recycling.                     

By doing this, we extend the life of our products. By renting your office furniture from us, you save up to 40% of resources.

Renting furniture allows you to have full flexibility of giving your office a new look at any time. We offer you the full service package during the entire rental period.

Our rental concept not only offers financial benefits, but also ensures that high-quality design is accessible to everyone. We combine affordable, high-quality furniture with timeless design - the perfect solution for flexible, circular and stylish furnishing.

Factors for success

Why rent from

versatile & flexible

  • Portfolio of over 5000 different products
  • Various rental models tailored to you
  • Full service offer


  • High-quality design accessible to everyone
  • Simple cost planning with transparent costs
  • Monthly cancelable


  • Induvidual designed office
  • We create the perfect atmosphere 

circular/ sustainable

The circular economy within Rent.Group consists of three main phases: Development, usage and reprocessing/recycling

Rental models

You can choose the right model for you from 3 different rental models.

We will be happy to advise you.

  • fixed term
  • from 12 to 60 months
  • cheaper in the long term
  • flexible term
  • can be canceled at any time
  • notice period 3 months
  • advantages Fix + Flex
  • fixed term with flexible subsequent term

Our advantages

Why rent instead of buying?


  • Flexible in duration and scope - adapt quickly to changing business requirements
  • You can replace, increase or reduce during the term.

Avoid bad investments.

  • Test products and zones before you invest.
  • Changes to rentals are possible at any time.

Fast availability

  • Stocks available in over 100,000m² of warehouse space in Europe 
  • 25 locations in 9 countries offer you short delivery routes.

Tax advantages

  • In many countries, you can immediately claim rental costs against tax.
  • Significant financial savings increase profitability.

Conserving resources

  • By renting and reusing, less furniture needs to be produced from scratch.
  • This allows you to save up to 40% of resources

Conversion from CapEx to OpEx

  • Reduction of investment costs
  • If no capital expenditure is incurred, your investment risk is reduced.

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Every workplace can be fully equipped with our products. We offer not only the classics such as tables and chairs, but the whole range - from bar stools to lighting. Whether for the reception, meeting room or home office - you will find the right product in our high-quality range.

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« At Office.Rent, we not only create workplaces, but also living spaces in which people can develop. We focus on cycles, not only for products, but also for relationships and responsibility.
Welcome to a future where work is meaningful and the environment is respected. We create workplaces that people love. »

Katharina Döring, Head of Office.Rent

“Recently, the need for temporary workspaces has strongly increased. We can meet this need with our designer furniture for rent in the trendiest styles. This makes us not only progressive, but also sustainable.”

Christian Eichenberger, board member Party Rent Group AG

Every client is individual. We have taken that into account in our great range of products that covers a variety of styles. But in one thing we are all the same: We want to act sustainably and stay flexible at the same time. And that is achieved by the hire-purchase principle for all our design classics.

Charles Schroeder, Managing Partner Party Rent Luxembourg s.à r.l.

Our values

Clear to the point.

Hand in hand.

Wildly enthusiastic.

Reliable and experienced.

Full of trust.

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